Joe Lennon

How I built Programming Podcasts

Although I've been aware of podcasts for as long as they've been around, it's only in the past six months that I've become a huge fan of the medium. It all started with The Laravel Podcast, a show that I started listening to after a conversation with Gordon Murray prompted me to...

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Reducing the number of links in Laravel's default paginator template

Laravel's pagination features make it really simple to paginate your database queries and provide your users with links to navigate between pages of results. By default, these links are styled using standard Bootstrap classes. If you want to change the template used for the pagin...

Tags: laravel, blade, pagination, bootstrap

Minifying assets with Laravel Mix watch command

Laravel Mix is the fantastic Webpack-based asset compilation framework that ships by default with Laravel 5.4, replacing the Gulp-based Laravel Elixir. It has a ton of sensible defaults, and it's likely that you can use the default scripts in most cases to compile your assets. In...

Tags: laravel, mix, laravel54, webpack, watch

Announcing clob

A blog platform for developers.

I'm excited to announce a new open source blog platform targeted at software developers. I call it clob. I keep getting platform fatigue and constantly bounce between different products when it comes to blogging. As a developer, I love reinventing the wheel, so thought why not cr...

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Homestead issues with NFS on Ubuntu

If you're trying to run Homestead on an Ubuntu Linux host you might get a complaint that your machine does not support NFS when trying to run vagrant up for the first time. To fix this, you need to install the nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server packages on your host system. $ sudo...

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