Joe Lennon

Co-founder and CTO at Workvivo. Likes to code with React, React Native and Laravel.

Getting to grips with Express.js

Express is a popular Node module that simplifies the development of Web applications. It is comparable to Ruby's Sinatra framework and Python's Flask framework in that it makes it simple to respond to HTTP requests at defined endpoints and serve up responses, typically HTML gener...

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Node.js from the ground up

Node.js (Node) is an application runtime that enables you to develop JavaScript applications that run out of the browser. To get started with Node, download and install it - you can find relevant instructions for your platform at When it is installed on your c...

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Never a good time

There is a good time to take risks in your career. But it’s not when you might expect. In my early career, I had several opportunities to move from my reliable, pensionable employment into riskier roles in startups and rapid-growth companies. Invariably, I declined all of these o...

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A tough job interview

A few years ago, I was contacted by someone in Gilt Groupe about a potential role in their front-end engineering team in Dublin. At the time I was happy in my Product Manager role in Core and was routinely ignoring similar emails from recruitment agencies and other companies. I...

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Deploying a Node.js app to IBM BlueMix

In this article, you will learn how to build a simple Node.js application and deploy it to IBM's BlueMix platform. BlueMix makes it easy to deploy your apps into production, and provides a variety of services that simplify common tasks such as data storage, caching, mobile servic...

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