Joe Lennon

Minifying assets with Laravel Mix watch command

Laravel Mix is the fantastic Webpack-based asset compilation framework that ships by default with Laravel 5.4, replacing the Gulp-based Laravel Elixir. It has a ton of sensible defaults, and it's likely that you can use the default scripts in most cases to compile your assets. In...

Tags: laravel, mix, laravel54, webpack, watch

Announcing clob

A blog platform for developers.

I'm excited to announce a new open source blog platform targeted at software developers. I call it clob. I keep getting platform fatigue and constantly bounce between different products when it comes to blogging. As a developer, I love reinventing the wheel, so thought why not cr...

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Homestead issues with NFS on Ubuntu

If you're trying to run Homestead on an Ubuntu Linux host you might get a complaint that your machine does not support NFS when trying to run vagrant up for the first time. To fix this, you need to install the nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server packages on your host system. $ sudo...

Tags: laravel, homestead, nfs, ubuntu

Laravel Tests, SQLite and “no such column” errors

I ran into a frustrating issue today while trying to run PHPUnit tests on a Laravel project I’m working on. Essentially, I was getting PDOException messages saying things like no such column. Looking through the stack trace, the issue seemed to have something to do with the Illu...

Tags: php, laravel, sqlite, testing, migrations

Using Laravel 5.4 Request Sanitization Middleware

One of the new features introduced in Laravel 5.4 is a pair of middleware for sanitising data in requests. These middleware are: TrimStrings ConvertEmptyStringsToNull Both of these middleware are very useful. TrimStrings will trim whitespace surrounding any request input values...

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