Joe Lennon

Co-founder and CTO at Workvivo. Likes to code with React, React Native and Laravel.

Fixing RuntimeException No application encryption key has been specified error

A common issue you might experience when working on a Laravel application is the exception: RuntimeException No application encryption key has been specified. You'll often run into this when you pull down an existing Laravel application, where you copy the .env.example file to...

Tags: php, laravel, exception

Fixing "Uncaught ReflectionException: Class config does not exist" in Laravel applications

I ran into an issue this evening while working on a Laravel application. I was adding some mail functionality and set the MAIL_FROM_NAME environment variable to my name. Later, I got the following error message when I tried to load any page in my application: Fatal error: Uncaugh...

Tags: laravel, config, error

Setting up Adobe Audition for podcasting

If you're new to audio editing software like Adobe Audition, it can feel a little overwhelming when you open the application and use it for the first time. In this post, I'll walk through some basic settings that will help you create your first podcast recording in Audition. The...

Tags: podcast, recording, audio, audition, adobe, podcasting

Using reserved ngrok subdomains in Laravel Valet

I ran into an interesting issue the other day while working on a Laravel project that handles inbound email using Amazon SES and SNS. Basically, I needed to be able to send a webhook from SNS to my application whenever an email was received in SES. As you may have experienced in...

Tags: laravel, valet, ngrok

How I built Programming Podcasts

Although I've been aware of podcasts for as long as they've been around, it's only in the past six months that I've become a huge fan of the medium. It all started with The Laravel Podcast, a show that I started listening to after a conversation with Gordon Murray prompted me to...

Tags: podcasts, programming podcasts, project launch