Joe Lennon

Developer of Founder of Subwoofr. Author of HTML5 in Action and Beginning CouchDB. IBM developerWorks Contributing Author.

Resolving "Could not parse the simulator list output" when running React Native apps on iOS Simulator

I ran into a problem this morning when I tried to launch a React Native app I've been working on in the iOS Simulator using the command: $ react-native run-ios The build would fail completely and return the error message Could not parse the simulator list output. That's not good!...

Tags: react native, xcode, iOS simulator

Using DigitalOcean Spaces object storage in Laravel

Today DigitalOcean announced a great new product called Spaces that is essentially a much cheaper version of Amazon's S3 object storage product. For $5 per month, you get 250GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth included. This would cost over $95 per month with S3. Additional storag...

Tags: php, laravel, digital-ocean spaces

Generating custom branded stylesheets in Laravel with scssphp

Want to provide your customers with a quick and simple way of styling your Laravel application to match their corporate brand? This post is for you. If you've ever customised Bootstrap with Sass (or LESS) before, you already know how simple it is to drastically change the visual...

Tags: php, sass, styles, branding, theming, theme

Unauthenticated errors in Laravel Passport

I ran into a problem today while trying to test out a Laravel API protected with OAuth2 via Laravel Passport. Essentially any time I tried to use Postman to consume an API protected by the auth middleware, it would return an error response with the message Unauthenticated. After...

Tags: php, laravel, passport

Fixing RuntimeException No application encryption key has been specified error

A common issue you might experience when working on a Laravel application is the exception: RuntimeException No application encryption key has been specified. You'll often run into this when you pull down an existing Laravel application, where you copy the .env.example file to...

Tags: php, laravel, exception