Joe Lennon

Co-founder and CTO at Workvivo. Likes to code with React, React Native and Laravel.

Journey to $16.2m Series A

I was immensely proud last week as we announced that Workvivo had raised a $16.2 million (€15m) Series A investment round, led by Tiger Global in New York, with participation from Frontline Ventures and Enterprise Ireland. This week we also marked 3 years since John and I made th...

Tags: series a, workvivo, investment

Dynamic custom domain routing in Laravel revisited

A different approach to implementing custom domains and subdomains

Back in November 2015, I wrote a Medium post about using Laravel's subdomain routing feature with custom domain names, something that is important for many multi-tenant applications. There was always one thing about this solution that bugged me however, and recently I decided to...

Tags: php, laravel, custom domain, routing, multi-tenant

Posting large videos to Twitter in PHP with CodeBird

To post large (>15 MB, >30 second) videos using the Twitter API, you need to use their chunked media upload API rather than the basic media upload API. This is a little more complicated, but thankfully it's still pretty straightforward. In this post I'll be using the Codebi...

Tags: php, twitter, video

Resolving "Could not parse the simulator list output" when running React Native apps on iOS Simulator

I ran into a problem this morning when I tried to launch a React Native app I've been working on in the iOS Simulator using the command: $ react-native run-ios The build would fail completely and return the error message Could not parse the simulator list output. That's not good!...

Tags: react native, xcode, iOS simulator

Using DigitalOcean Spaces object storage in Laravel

Today DigitalOcean announced a great new product called Spaces that is essentially a much cheaper version of Amazon's S3 object storage product. For $5 per month, you get 250GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth included. This would cost over $95 per month with S3. Additional storag...

Tags: php, laravel, digital-ocean spaces